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Hello, I'm Brandie King.

It all began with our son, Camrien. Years ago after suffering from intense allergies and terrifyingly poor breathing, my husband, Chris, and I wanted the suffering for our son to end. So we took Camrien to an Immunologist to find a cure for our son’s condition and went back home with a diagnosis of asthma. The medications the doctor prescribed were helpful but the side effects were too severe for our son to continue taking the medication. The doctor was very insightful and we thanked her for her help but had to keep looking for medical alternatives. We couldn’t give up because our son was counting on us, so our search for a natural remedy ensued.


After countless hours of research and online investigating, we discovered elderberry. Not once before have I heard of elderberry and after reading the benefits I was very intrigued. Shortly after trying it ourselves, our family was immediately sold on this natural alternative to prescribed medication. It turns out elderberry is some of the most potent immune-boosting ingredients this wonderful planet has to offer. Do you know what makes it great? It’s 100% natural, unrefined, and sourced from Earth. Being a natural remedy was a huge plus and after experiencing the benefits firsthand, I can tell you, elderberry works.


Elderberry works great at dissolving mucus, improving breathing, reducing inflammation, and minimizing the symptoms of the common cold and  the flu. Anyone with a compromised or weakened immune system could benefit from elderberry, even those who are otherwise healthy. There are just too many immune-boosting benefits Elderberry has to offer and you can’t pass it up. Whether it’s for your children, parents, grandparents, or yourself, our family's Elderberry deserves a spot in your medicine cabinets.


After developing our own family formula, we had to put a name on it. So we’d like to formally introduce you to King’s Elderberry. A family-born business that aspires to change the lives of every family we can help. From one family to another, King's Elderberry hopes to keep you all healthy, happy, and functioning at a high capacity through certified organic ingredients that work.


We hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with you and your family. Please take your time and enjoy browsing through our catalog to find what works best for you. It is our goal to deliver exceptional elderberry products that allow you to live your best life.


Thank you for visiting King’s Elderberry.


The King Family